Short Version

As the questions you asked or the answers you gave get voted up, you gain a better reputation.

If your questions or answers get voted down, you lose reputation. You also lose a bit of reputation for voting down an answer, but not as much.

Why Give People Reputations?

We want the very best answers to the most pertitant and meaningful questions. If you've got skin in the game, you're more likely to take this seriously.

There are things you can't do unless you have a high enough reputation. Reputation is given by others based on the quality of your contributions, so get with it!

Give me the Numbers

You got it. Here they are:


You first logged in. Good for you!


A question you asked gets voted up


A question you asked gets voted down


An answer you gave got voted up


An answer you gave got voted down

Who cares about my reputation?

There are things you can do only if you have a high enough reputation. Here's a list:


Answer a question


Vote up a question


Vote down a question

Is that all there is?

For now. But watch out, there's more coming. We're soon going to be awarding "medals" for things that you do, like read our privacy policy, or answer a certain number of questions.

With certain medals, you'll be able to do things like edit questions and their answers, even if they're not yours. You'll also be able to moderate certain questions, even delete some offensive questions or their answers.

Start building your reputation now, so you can take part in these features later.

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