Is Donald Trump helping or hurting the Republican party?

Asked 3 years ago by Scott Wallace
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Donald Trump is hurting the Republican Party as they stand today...a bunch of spineless, whimpering fools. I do not really think Trump would make a good president but he at least is taking a firm stand on his platform and not backing down. If only the Republicans would grow a backbone they instigate real changes in the way they deal with the mad dictator.

Answered 2 years ago by Terry S Banks Sr


He is not helping the crony Republican party establishment. He is trying to destroy it. The question is if he wins, will he govern as a big government president or a constitutional conservative. He does not seem to be a fiscal conservative, but would definitely be better than the alternative candidate. He has made many Republican enemies, some conservative and some more liberal. They will not help him, so he will have to win without them.

Answered 24 months ago by Ron Wagner

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